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Top 10 Reasons to Get PMP® Certified

The PMP® certification was created by the PMI, the leading authority on project management, to recognise candidates who had the caliber to run and manage successful projects. To obtain the PMP® certification, aspiring candidates must pass a 180-question lengthy and comprehensive exam after they meet the eligibility for requirements. Candidates can create an account and check the official website to see if they are eligible to apply for the test.

Getting Your PMP® Certification: Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go For It

Project management is undoubtedly one of the most crucial areas in any organization that determines the success of a project. Successful businesses are always looking for skilled project managers who can lead their teams, but how do skilled project managers stand out? Simple! A highly-sought after certification from a renowned institute can put any project manager on the top of the list of candidates applying for the same position. And this is where the PMP® certification shines through. Take a look at the ten different reasons why you, as a project manager, should get PMP® certified if you want to bolster your skills and value as a project manager:

  1. Globally Recognised Certificate: The PMP® certification is globally recognised, and by having such a renowned certificate in hand, project managers can endorse their skills and expertise as expert professionals. Candidates will have no issues finding great employment opportunities using this certificate.
  1. The Certificate Itself Is A Testimony To Your Skills And Expertise: The PMP® certification is the gold standard, one that every professional aspires to get their hands on. Having such a certificate in your resume speaks volumes about your skills and knowledge as a project manager and the dedication that you have put in as a candidate. No mere amateurs can pass this exam, and those who pass this certification programme will show potential employers that they can be the best in their field.
  1. Better Prospects In Terms Of Career And Employment: Certified individuals are more highly demanded by the company as the PMP® certification shows their skills to lead a team and manage a project to its success. Companies don’t have to spend valuable time and resources to train such individuals as they already have the expertise to manage a group successfully.
  1. Boost In Salary: Companies, as well as clients, are willing to pay more for project managers who are worth their salt. And the best way to show that is to get PMP® certified.
  1. Leadership Skills: The PMP training gives candidates the right tools and training to cultivate leadership qualities. Good leaders can always take responsibility and remain stalwart even when their project faces challenges.
  1. Improve Team Management Skills: Of course, manager skills are the core of any Project manager, and the PMP® certification helps candidates grow this skill.
  1. Build Self-Confidence: Confident risk-takers get things done, and the PMP training boosts confidence through skills and training.
  1. Broaden Your Knowledge: PMP training covers many core concepts and areas that candidates may not have learned before. This can help expand their knowledge base.
  1. Deliver Successful Projects: The PMP® certification arms candidates with the right skills to deliver quality projects within the stipulated time.
  1. Stand Out From The Crowd: Do you want to stand out from amongst a sea of candidates in your workplace? Then PMP® certification is the way to go.


Project managers must take advantage of every avenue if they want to progress in their careers or get lucrative assignments in the workplace. With a PMP® certification in hand, they can do that and more! If you want free resources and material on PMP training, you can check out our free website, Education Nest, to help you start your preparation journey!

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