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Data Visualization using Excel Data Sets

Data Visualization is process to represent any dataset or information in easy graphical format to make future prediction or help to accelerate any decision making process. Excel, used as data visualization tool to represent graphical format of any dataset or information. To visualize any data excel dashboard is prepared using different charts and graphs like line chart, pie chart, bar graph, scatter chart etc. as  it provides different chart type options to choose. Step for data visualization using excel is being discussed below

Data Visualization steps using Excel:

Need to open excel spread-sheet first after that data is to be entered into spread sheet for visualization. There are many other option to insert dataset into excel. Data set looks like below mentioned format.

If we have more data to visualize we can add more column to enter data like below mentioned example:

After selecting data we need to select chart types for visualization. To select chart type we need to click on Insert table in excel and choose relevant chart from available chart type. In below picture we can see there is different type of chart type like column, line, pie, area, scatter and others charts type option.

To insert any chart for dataset we need to select the whole data and then insert tab to insert chart type. After selecting relevant chart type, the chart will be appeared in spread sheet. In this example line chart is being selected but there are many other options available those can be chosen according to the requirement.

Inserting line chart for single column dataset:

Inserting bar-chart single column dataset:

We can select bar-chart also for same data set.


From above graph we can interpret which student gets max marks and which student gets min marks in a single view. We don’t need to go through all data set to understand marks variation of students in the class.

Inserting line chart for multiple- column dataset:

Inserting bar chart for multiple- column dataset:


From above graph we can interpret marks obtained by one student in different subjects also we can understand the marks obtained by different student in different subjects in a single window. It is very tedious job to know the facts like max marks obtained by which student in particular subject from dataset but it is much easier to get an answer of same question from visual representation.

Chart type changes:

There is also an option available to change the chart type. For that we need to go to the design tab, selecting option called “Change chart type” and choose desired charts. We can see there is many chart type available on left hand side to choose.

Alteration of Selected Data:

After creating chart we also can change data to be visualize. Like an example if we want to see graphs of marks obtained in math and English for different student. We don’t want visualize hindi marks. So we can go the select data option and untick hindi marks bar.

In above picture we can visualize marks obtained in two subjects. Like this we can change data and chart type according to requirement


Excel is widely used tool across the globe for its easy handling process and there is no highly qualified technical person required to operate. For having multiple easy options for inserting charts, visualization and other data operations it become one of popular tools for use.

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