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What Is ServiceNow? – A Cloud Solution For Your Enterprise

Software provider ServiceNow offers a cloud-based platform for streamlining IT management workflows. The business specializes in operations, business management, and IT service. A cloud-based ITSM tool called ServiceNow offers more functionality, customization, dependability, etc. flexibility. It was initially introduced as an ITSM tool, but it is now much more than that. This platform allows you to create various applications for HR, finance, and other areas. This tool has already dominated a sizable portion of the market. The best part is that you won’t have to worry about infrastructure, servers, databases, data centres, security, load balancing, clustering, etc., while implementing this tool in your company. ServiceNow itself takes care of all of these.

ServiceNow has a lot of potential in India and globally, where it is currently doing well and is anticipated to continue growing for many more years. If a decline does occur, it won’t happen suddenly; it will take time. Every platform or tool is never-lasting. A tool or platform might take its place in the future, but it will undoubtedly take much longer.

Applications for ServiceNow

ServiceNow is used in many different ways by IT businesses, including:

  1. Business Software: ServiceNow offers a drag-and-drop feature that allows you to easily customize applications without writing a single line of code. Additionally, it offers a few common code templates for an experienced developer, speeding up and simplifying the development process. Additionally, you can use the same parts to build different applications.
  2. Tech Support: Self-service portals offered by ServiceNow can be used to interact with the organization’s staff. The ServiceNow ConnectChat feature is helpful, and employees can respond to chats in real time. This eliminates the need for the staff to communicate via email or the conventional mailing system. Visual taskboards are useful for delegating tasks to employees as well.
  3. Client Services: Giving customers assistance and resolving customer tickets are not the only components of customer service. However, the main goal whenever a customer has a problem should be to identify the root of the issue in order to solve it ultimately. Within an enterprise, problems are also made simple to solve by ServiceNow in divisions like engineering, human resources, etc. View some of the top customer service techniques.
  4. Taking Down Security Threats: The ServiceNow structured workflow makes it simple to determine the seriousness of security risks and their effect on the organization. It takes a long time to search for security breaches in a company manually. However, ServiceNow’s automated tasks quickly identify security gaps and offer suggested fixes.
  5. Personal Developer Instances (PDI): Developers, clients, and even partners of the applications may use PDIs. Application features not yet added to the final repository can be tested on PDIs. You can keep the instances you’ve created for as long as you like.


To summarise, ServiceNow has experienced rapid growth as a tool over the past five years. It’s about more than ITSM; there are many things to explore and learn in ServiceNow. ServiceNow is not only a ticket-handling tool. Many opportunities are available for developers in ServiceNow to customize/create things. Depending on your needs, ServiceNow lets you customise it. Workflows are created, and processes are automated by ServiceNow using machine learning technology. ServiceNow will be viable for at least five years. Suppose you want to learn more about ServiceNow. In that case, you can head to our website Education Nest, where you can access hundreds of free materials and learning resources on this topic.

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