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Things You Can Do With Excel Power Query

Excel Power Query is a powerful data analysis tool for retrieving and transforming data from various sources. Data can be manipulated, trends identified, and insights gained easily using the graphical user interface. Perform complex calculations and analysis with Power Query by connecting to multiple data sources, cleansing and transforming your data. 

How to work with Excel Power Query: 

Install the Excel Power Query add-in first. Then, click the From Other Sources button under the Data tab to access Power Query in Excel. Data sources such as databases, web pages, and CSV files can be selected from there. 

The Query Editor will automatically load your data after you select your data source, where you can transform it. Then, the data can be sorted, grouped, filtered, and calculated. Once changed, transformed data can be loaded into Excel, PivotTables, or PivotCharts.

Here’s what Excel Power Query can do:

Multi-source data connectivity:

 You can connect Power Query to various data sources, such as databases, web pages, and CSV files. In addition, a single dataset can be created by combining multiple data sources simultaneously.

Data transformation: 

You can clean and transform your data with Excel Power Query. For example, split columns, remove duplicates, and filter rows. Also, you can perform calculations and apply conditional formatting to your data. 

Data Loading: 

You can load your transformed data using Excel or a PivotTable or PivotChart. Also, Power Query lets you save queries to reuse later, which saves you time and effort.

 Refresh data automatically:

 Data refresh can also be automated in Power Query. Your data will be automatically updated as soon as the source data changes. This can be particularly useful when working with large, constantly changing datasets. 

Latest Features of Excel Power Query: 

Each update to Excel Power Query introduces new features and capabilities. Power Query has the following new features: 

Data Profiling: 

Data profiling in Power Query lets you quickly identify potential problems with your data. Clean your data more effectively by identifying data quality issues.

Query Dependencies View: 

Excel Power Query‘s new Query Dependencies View lets you see how your queries are related. Understanding your data’s connections can help you troubleshoot problems more efficiently. 

Improved Query Editor:

 With Power Query, edit queries more efficiently with a formula bar, a column profiler, and a search box for finding functions.

 AI-Assisted Query Creation:

 A new AI-assisted query creation feature is available in Power Query. Using machine learning algorithms, this feature suggests transformations based on your data and queries.


Excel Power Query can save you time and effort when working with large data sets. Data manipulation has always been challenging with Power Query, which allows you to transform, merge, and append data in previously time-consuming and difficult ways. In addition, Power Query is easy to use and accessible to users of all skill levels, thanks to its intuitive user interface and wide range of data sources. These techniques can help you gain valuable insights into your data, allowing you to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to tremendous success in your professional or personal life.

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