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The Best PMP Certification Study Groups And Online Communities

One of the world’s leading certifications for project management is the PMP certificate, commonly known as the Project Management Professional certificate. Due to the high demand for skilled project managers, the PMP certificate allows candidates to stand out amongst potential competitors. Furthermore, such a renowned certificate will also catch the eye of companies and organisations wanting stalwart professionals to lead their projects.

This article will help aspiring PMP exam candidates understand the importance of study groups and how online communities can help them stay ahead regarding exam preparations.

The importance of Study Groups and Online Communities

Sometimes, students might wonder whether it’s worth spending all the time and effort looking for or joining a study group. Although there’s no direct answer to this, candidates should know they should do whatever they feel comfortable with. If a study group or an online community can boost their intensity of learning, then go for it! Study groups have been constantly found to be more effective for students for decades. For starters, it’s something that is always recommended for students who find difficulty grasping certain concepts. Take a look at some of the advantages of joining online communities or study groups:

  1. Joining such groups help candidates grow a sense of accountability, which will help them stay focused and prepared.
  1. There will always be active studying within the group, as group members usually call out when someone is slacking or not catching up.
  1. It will motivate them to study and communicate with like-minded candidates who are on the same path. Plus, candidates can also learn from each other too. Discussing the topics will give candidates a better understanding than self-study or repeated revision.
  1. You’ll have an online community that will always be there to support you on your journey.

How To Choose The Best Study Groups And Online Communities For PMP Certification Preparations

  1. Try visiting a group or a community to see what learning resources they use. Access to the same resources within a group can help keep the group moving in the same direction. Plus, group or community members can dive into the same topics too.
  1. The number of members is also a factor to consider. When forming a study group, the fewer members, the better. However, when you’re in an online community, the numbers don’t matter much, but the participation of the members does. There’s no point in staying in an online community if members are inactive.
  1. There must be as few constraints as possible if the group wants to meet. Separate time zones or being far away from each other can be a huge disadvantage.
  1. Suppose there are any experienced candidates within the group, the better. They can usually point the candidates in the right direction.
  1. Connect with friends preparing for the PMP certification and form a study group or a community between all of you. This way, you can either grow your group and bring in new members too.


Candidates can always go to study groups and online communities if they feel overwhelmed or unable to proceed without help. It might be easier for such individuals to have a support group to keep them accountable. With that being said, if you want resources or help to find a study group or an online community, you can check out our website, Education Nest. You can find plenty of study groups and communities of students and candidates preparing for the PMP certification that you can join!

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